Giving Back

Our Mission, at Ady Lane, is to give back!  We have each chosen a local foundation or charity that is very special to us and want to strive to help them raise funds for their cause. What this means is that we will take a certain percentage of our profits and donate it to their foundation. 

One of the causes chosen is The Ty Eschenbaum Foundation. This organization was selected because of the passion and drive Ty has for his life and the way he has chosen to live it.

Ty has himself walked in the same shoes as his recipients. His foundation raises funds that are given in the form of scholarships to youth cancer survivors who are pursuing a post secondary education. There is not a selfless person who deserves our community's support more than he does. Through all his trials fighting his own battle with cancer, he still sees what he was given as an opportunity to do something incredible. He does not wear his scars on his sleeve and he does not accept any excuses for the limitations he was left with due to cancer. He sees each limitation as a gift and a purpose to live the life as the gift he was given.  He is an incredible example of how we should all strive to live our lives.

Please follow the link below and see the extraordinary foundation he has created.